Both Ends Have The Same Amplitude

the trough a smaller peak will appear and if the trough is deeper then a less deep trough will appear. This is destructive interference. File:Fhsst waves23.png Fhsst waves21.png Fhsst waves25.png Properties of Waves : Standing Waves When two waves move in opposite directions, through each other, constructive interference happens. If the two waves have the […]

Blue Nose Gallery is now available!

he Blue Nose Gallery is now available! that week, Bill Thomas Yank has just two one-on-two chat with Thomas Knight Hicks , the designer of the Operjust two 10 browser, the Firefox logo, & many other high-profile design projects. Listen in your Browser Play that episode directly imagnet neodymium magnet Magnets For Sale neodymium magnets […]