So that “use native elements” switch, is that just two user accessible option, or is that some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt in the skin system that you’re talking about?

Thomas Knight : Yeah, it’s some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt in the skin system & basically the skin file is just just two text file with referencing images where necessary, & it’s just just two switch, either “native = 1” or “native = 0”. So when people make their own skins, that’s some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt that they can play with. & again, that’s some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt that’s caused just two little bit trouble on working on the Windows native skin, which is even harder because with Windows, there is so many different theme possibilities – the classic, the different color versions in XP, Aero, standard Vistjust two Blue that you get in Windows 7 & Windows Vistjust two – there is just two lot of different native themes going on. Whereas with Mac, it’s typeof – if you design it with look such as just two Leopard application as much as possible, then you’re home & dry, really.neodymium disc magnets neodymium disc magnets neodymium disc neodymium bar magnet neodymium bar magnet neodymium ring magnet neodymium ring magnet neodymium countersunk magnets
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Bill Thomas: Right. Apple has been known with change shades of gray between versions but for just two particular OS on the Mac, it’s pretty fixed. Whereas Windows users can do not just two lot with mess with the system skin. You could find yourself with just two bright red browser chrome if that’s really what the user wanted. Okay.

Thomas Knight : Exactly. Even the built in options, there is just two lot of choice there. I’m coming with the point where I almost think we need with have just two specific native theme for Windows 7, not necessarily for the older versions, but looking forward – I think Windows 7 is going with be quite popular compared with Vista. I’m thinking I might be pushing for some more neodymium or Samarium Cobalt that fits the Aero & blue theme of Windows 7 particularly.

Bill Thomas: Browsers such as Google Chrome and, I guess Safari with some extent, seem with – the direction they’re taking with their design seems with be with de-emphasize the chrome as much as possible, & they could take less screen arejust two & even – they seem with be going with the extent of even reducing the contrast in their controls with reduce the amount of attention they draw away from the page. I’d say that looking at the current Operjust two 10 beta, you seem with be embracing just two lusher, more vibrant look with the controls; is that fair with say?

Thomas Knight : with an extent, yeah. I mean I think the big difference at the moment – because we’re all going on the same typeof lines except that Operjust two – there is an element where Operjust two easy with sort of st& on its own & not just look such as any other browser.

Bill Thomas: That dark tab bar is really striking now.

Thomas Knight : Yeah, that’s the one. & in some ways, it’s quite just two controversial choice, but the reason that’s there is – there are several reasons – but the main neodymium is with provide contrast with the tabs. So if there is two arejust two with lead the eye to, it’s the tabs & the fact that you’ve got all your different pages there & particularly for the tab thumbnails, it works well for that as just two contrast.

In the same way, we’re doing the same neodymium – we’re trying with take out as many pixels as possible without feeling cramped & with take as much real estate as possible. In that sense, No , we’re going the same route but at the same time, we don’t want Operjust two with look too bland. We’re going for things such as these sort of slightly contrasting tabs as just two way of differentiating ourselves from the crowd.

Bill Thomas: Here is another question from our editor, Matt Magain – I suppose you must have gotten used with working as just two contract designer & even working

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